Salmon Collagen – A Review


Collagen is a protein found abundantly in our bodies, in areas like the skin, blood vessels, bones, muscles, digestive system, and tendons. It aids in giving our skin elasticity and firmness, along with replacing dead skin cells. In simplest terms, collagen is the “adhesive” that helps hold the body joints and tendons together. With time and age, the collagen manufacture normally begins to decelerate and these results in signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, loosened skin and joint pains due to fragile cartilage.

Further lifestyle elements like consuming a diet that is high in sugar, smoking, drinking and great amounts of sun exposure also add to diminishing collagen levels. It has been established that collagen associated ailments generally start from a blend of hereditary deficiencies, deprived consumption of collagen-rich foods, dietetic deficiencies and digestive complications disturbing the production of collagen.

Foods Rich in Collagen

One such collagen-rich food is Salmon Collagen Fish Powder wherein no artificial substances were used in the extraction process and it is a 100% natural, legitimately certified and with the utmost purity in the world. It is prepared with the skin of salmon fish which is an excellent quality biological reserve. It is a non-animal derivation, which makes it much more edible by the human body and totally safe.

Salmon Collagen is a lyophilized collagen, which guarantees top class nutritious quality by holding a full range of priceless, natural constituents. Even though collagen is normally related with the skin and its bounce, it is the fundamental constituent of the connective muscles. It forms the ligaments, bones, blood vessels, joints, tendons, intervertebral discs, teeth etc.

After the age of 25, the manufacture of new collagen decelerates resulting in the appearance of first fine lines and wrinkles. With age, the procedure of collagen damage starts to dominate over its renewal. The body starts to age noticeably as it is deficient in the essential constituent essential to overhaul continuing harms. Thanks to its valued benefits and tremendously important purposes, collagen is endlessly the centre of consideration for doctors, naturalists, and cosmetologists.

Collagen deficiencies can be increased by Salmon Collagen whose prime element is lyophilized collagen resulting from the salmon fish skin, which comprises alpha-1 & -2 levels which are same like those found in human beings. It delivers the body with free amino acids and takes a dynamic share in cell rejuvenation. Hitherto collagen was only availed from pig or cow skins, which is unsafe due to the threat of transfer of ailment like BSE or other reactions.

Benefits of Salmon Collagen

  • Maintains skin renewal from the inside by reestablishing its evenness and resistance.
  • Reduces aging procedure in skin tissues.
  • Aids in rejuvenation of connective tissue.
  • Benefits the body to reverse the process of eyeball tissue, tendon and bone damages.
  • Contributes in amassing flexibility and range motion.
  • Day-to-day use of Salmon Collagen has been proved to diminish discomfort in joins which cause arthritis and osteoarthritis.
  • Helps in soothing ruptured and protruding discs.
  • Helps to heal osteoporosis and periodontitis.
  • Suggested for individuals who do maximum physical work and are active.
  • Helps in weight loss and alleviate the healing of injuries, bruises, ruptures and injures.
  • Has defensive, sterile and UV emission absorbing effects.
  • Aids in eliminating hyperpigmentation of the skin.

How To Use

  • Once a day, if possible half an hour before first meal. One dosage mix with yogurt or water is advisable.
  • Use it as an add-on in a balanced diet.
  • Do not use if sensitive to any component.
  • Store in a dry and cool place in room temperature.
  • The cure should last at least four months a year.
  • Keep out of children.

The presence of collagen has more benefits than one could think of. The link between collagen and joints and collagen and varicose veins are very important for the body and skin. The collagen fibers are a significant part of the intravenous endothelium, containing the arterial valves. Sufficient amount and superiority of collagen in the arterial walls help in regulating the normal function and biochemical properties.

Menopause, without doubt, takes places every woman’s life when ovaries stop creating estrogen a sex hormone, which has the utmost effect on a woman’s skin. During menopause, enzymes that disrupt the collagen fibers become more active and the intensity of collagen in the skin keeps descending every year and almost goes down by 30-35%. Bone collagen absorption ailments cause decalcification of the skeleton and bones, which donates to improved bone delicateness and vulnerability to cracks and fractures.  

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