I recently finished my 8 months’ treatment of Salmon Collagen. After this time my osteoporosis went to osteopenia! I am really impressed, because I took a lot of medicine and calcium supplements before Salmon Collagen and there was no effect. This product is the best source of bone strength and goes directly where is needed. No side effects, doesn't upset stomach, easy to swallow. Moreover, my skin is now firmer, glowing, hydrated and moist, even without lotions. Great, natural and high quality product! It's worth the money to know you're doing the right thing for your body.

 Tom N



I have taken Salmon Collagen for years and love the results. Finally, a joint support product that really works!!!I used a ton of other joint support products with no success. I've been on Salmon Collagen for around a three months now and I feel GREAT. I currently suffer from painful joints, which in the past, has limited me to no running or squatting. Once I started taking Salmon Collagen I'm back to working out with no limitations. Furthermore, I have noticed with my skin and compliments I receive. So when I started looking into other products, especially their ingredients, I was really impressed with the quality of this product.

 Patricia R



Great product! Wife and I both have been using Salmon Collagen for 2 years. Neither of us have any problems. I in my 70's she in her late 60's. It must be doing something right. My doctor was really surprised that my knee is in perfect condition for my age. I don’t need any painkillers. I dislike writing reviews, but I believe most people are as skeptical about naturals products for painful joint. But this Salmon Collagen really WORKS! A+++++

 Irene U



This order was my third order for the Salmon Collagen. I have had very painful experience for 2 to 3 year with arthritis (confirmed) and have had very little success until now at finding relief. With Salmon Collagen every day is different. I love this product and I will use for whole my life! I highly recommended it for everybody. Always fast shipping and great customer service.

 Eva M



My doctor recommended this Salmon Collagen for my rheumatism problems. I've been taking this product for 2 years and I have to say it has help with my hip problems. I have a better range of motion and I also don't have to take any other medication for joint pain. All I can say is that as long as it works for me I will continue to take it. Amazing effects!

 Lucy T



It’s fantastic for osteoporosis! I recently had my first bone scan since taking these supplements. There was shown improvement since one year ago, which proves to me this works. My doctor was shocked. I will continue taking this. This is working very well for me. I highly recommended Salmon Collagen!

 Kim O



My husband and I have been using this product for a few years. It helps with keeping our joints flexible. We also do not have pain in our joints. We take it in the morning on an empty stomach. We notice a difference when we stop using it. For best results, it is very important to take correct amount and on an empty stomach as per directions. Excellent and effective product!

 Yvonne J



I've had serious issues with my knees due to a bad fall. The doctor told me there was nothing I could do and I needed to cut down on my hiking, running and strong leg workouts. After taking this for a month, my knees recover much faster after workouts and I have much more flexibility without the pain than in the past. It takes a while to start feeling the any changes and the price of this supplement is high, but when it comes to my health and wellbeing, it's a small amount to pay. The quality of my life has improved. Highly recommended!

 Ginni D



I take it every day in the morning before breakfast. I have arthritis in my hips and I love to hike, bike and walk and since I am taking Salmon Collagen the discomfort is gone. I was taking glucosamine, but is not even compare with Salmon Collagen. It works very fast and I do not have no side effects. A+++++

 Phil C



Salmon Collagen has been great for me. If it is going to work for you, you will see a difference within 2 weeks. I have severe arthritis I could hardly walk because of the pain, and could no longer walk up or down steps. This product was suggested to me. I purchased it immediately and began using it. In about 10 days I started to notice a lessening of pain, and within a month, most of my pain was gone. I no longer have any pain and I can do whatever activity I want with no pain at all.

 Don B



This product has helped me SO much. I am 70 years old and very healthy for my age. Only problem is that my joints are 70, also, and can be pretty cranky & stiff. Started using Salmon Collagen about 6 to 8 months ago because it is easy to use. Results were terrific. I live in a remote area & allowed myself to run out for a couple of months and could tell a vast difference in my flexibility. Glad to have this product back in my daily routine.

 Steven B



I like this product very much. I use it to help with degenerate disc disease mainly in my neck area. I've been using this product for around 8 months and I've noticed that I now have more flexibility in the neck area and less pain as I don't take any pain medication of any kind. I take it on an empty stomach with water or geek yoghurt. I have also more energy!

 Kobe Y



Great stuff! I started taking this product several months ago after reading numerous reviews. My knees would crunch and they no longer do that though the pain is not completely gone. After 5 months of taking this product I feel much better. I can even back to running! I like the fact that Salmon Collagen is a powder. I had bought another product several years ago but never took it on a regular basis because the pills were too large to swallow easily, I definitely am willing to pay the higher price for this product.

 Mike R



This product is simply incredible. Has produced results for me in about 6 weeks simply by following directions. I had always wondered how the combination of collagen and Vitamin C worked, and why some did and others didn't. The ingredients in this product have been altered on the molecular level to make them more easily absorbed by the body. I highly recommend this product to everyone I know with joint pain from arthritis.

 John K



My husband and I have been taking this for 3 years now. Being in our late seventies we have no joint problems as our friends do. You don’t see results overnight and this is not a pain killer. There are cheaper ones in the market but then you don’t put cheap oil in your car so why would you do that to your body? I do recommend Salmon Collagen powder to everyone I know. This is a long time use but the end result is what counts.

 Marie G



This product was recommended to my husband about four years ago by his Orthopedist. We were skeptical at first because he had tried other products with no results. Salmon Collagen has helped him greatly. While it is not going to replace the need for knee replacement surgery, it is a true stop-gap measure for the pain and discomfort he was suffering. These really, really work! Great customer service and fast delivery.

 Jennifer F



Since my doctor first recommended this product over others, I have found it noticeably effective at reducing my pain. I actually went on-line to read one of the medical studies that concluded that this particular set of ingredients is more effective than other glucosamine-based products. Great product!

 Kim T



I bought Salmon Collagen powder and gave it to my Mom to help with her joint pain, because she has suffered with osteoarthritis for years. Within a week of use, she was amazed that the swelling in her knee was gone and she had no joint pain. She has been taking it for the last 4 weeks and still no swelling and pain. She takes 1 scoop on an empty stomach first thing in the morning mixed with water. She can now walk around without pain. Amazing!!

 Nancy W



I was an athlete. When I hit my late 40's I still felt I could do the things I used to do in shows [in my 20s], but my body quickly rebelled and I ended up rupturing both achilles tendons. Two surgeries later, I find I can't walk more than a half-mile without feeling pain. Can't jump or run if my life depended upon it. Depression and more weight gain. I'll be turning 50 in March - and every day new pains surface. My knee and shoulders are starting to show signs of wear and tear. One year ago I started to taking Salmon Collagen every morning, on an empty stomach. After three months I could walk without pain. The weight is slowly coming off and I'm feeling human again. I don't eat meat, so it does bother me that this product is bovine, but I am really impressed with the results. Great product, easy to use and effective.

 Olga S



I'm almost 70 and have always been blessed with great skin, however lately I've noticed that my arms and hands seem to have a creepy look to them even with the use of moisturizers. I've been using the collagen protein powder for about three months and can see a big improvement. My skin is tightening up slowly but surely. If you are looking for a quick fix, this isn't it but it does work over time. Highly recommended.

 Stanley K



Love this product! Been taking the Salmon Collagen for a month now. I'm noticing my knees are feeling better and haven't had a shot for my arthritis in 3 weeks. My skin is also feeling softer and just want to see what’s going to happen in the coming months. Moreover, I had more energy after one week! Fast delivery, user friendly website, and great products.

 Bob G



This is the best supplement I have ever come across. I don't think I'll ever be without it. It is completely part of me, thank you, Salmon Collagen for this supplement. I used to feel my knees and wrists aching but now I have not felt like that in a long time. Secondly, although I do have generally a good skin, it has become more silkish in touch. I just love Salmon Collagen and would advise my fellow women to use it.

 Lili H



I am 79 years old with very few health problems. I have diabetes controlled with diet, my kidneys are a little weak and my skin is very thin. I take nutrients for the diabetes, essential oils for my kidneys and am using your Salmon Collagen to improve my joints and skin. I have a very pronounced improvement in skin tone and texture. I have bruised very easily the last few years and the bruises don't go away until I started taking the Salmon Collagen Powder.

 Carlos H



I have been using this powder daily for 4 months and have already seen results. I was recently diagnosed with RA. My joints are not as stiff and my skin feels great. I always had small bumps on my upper arms. Those are almost gone. I only wish I had found this earlier. It took about three weeks to start seeing results. Be patient. It is worth it. Thank you Salmon Collagen!

 Helen J



I absolutely love this product. It works to stimulate collagen from the inside. My skin is noticeably more youthful yet clear. I noticed that this has helped my hair become thicker and fuller. I also noticed that after using this product for several weeks that my nails are not only growing, but are strong too. It is such a universal product because you can mix it with water or Greek yoghurt. Definitely recommend this Salmon Collagen addition to anyone.

 Abby C



Product carries pretty much everything you need in a joint supplement product. Started taking Salmon Collagen Powder two months ago and cannot believe the results. My knees are not making noise when I bend my legs. Excellent product! I recommended this product everywhere I can. It really WORKS!

 Becky P



I will be turning 40 in a few days. I do not have many wrinkles, just some fine lines under my eyes. I have noticed the elasticity in my skin decreasing in the last few years. I started taking this Salmon Collagen about 2 months ago. My skin is soft and smooth and I rarely need lotion except occasionally on my elbows. It seems like the longer I take it a the better my skin becomes. I highly recommend it.! This is an excellent product with quality ingredients.

 Carla U



Me and my girlfriend use Salmon Collagen! Because we are runners, our joints need some help. Mainly me, my joints were aching! And my girlfriend besides the joints, also for hair and nails! The truth is, it works! My joints are much better and even my hair is much better also! I recommend! And I keep on buying… All the best!

Simon B



Salmon Collagen has REALLY helped with my back pain. I used to have severe back pain and did some research.... this is patented and has a great research team behind this product. When I say that my back pain completely went away, when all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch, I am not kidding or lying. My pain is COMPLETELY gone. Thank you Salmon Collagen for product with wonderful results.

 Mary B



I am a very active 64-year-old male. I had been taking Glucosamine for many years. A good friend of mine suggested that I give Salmon Collagen a try as I was not having the same results as when I first started using Glucosamine. The results were quite positive. This product really works for me. I work hard and have played way too hard and sometimes the aches were really bad especially in my knees, shoulders, elbows and lower back. Since I started using this product Salmon Collagen I feel almost like a new man. I still work in a very physical job but now after a day off or even a few hours off my feet I can still carry on like I'm only 50. I noticed positive results with the first month. I highly recommend this product!

 John G



Excellent product! I started taking Salmon Collagen 4 months ago and cannot believe the results. Before taking this supplement the aches were really bad especially in my knees and lower back. I am really impressed that after ONLY 2 months my pain was completely gone. I highly recommend it!

Tom J



This is the best collagen I have ever come across. I suffer from osteopenia, a condition where bone mineral density is lower than normal. My doctor recommended Salmon Collagen, because this is the best prevention against osteoporosis. It works fantastic not only for my bones, but I have also more energy!

Kumo B



Such a great supplement! What I like about this product is that it can be taken first thing in the morning and doesn't upset your stomach. It also really works. My joints are much better. Thank you Salmon Collagen!

Erica O



Wow! It really works! Both my husband and I take this product and have noticed a distinct improvement in how our joints feel. No aches! We still take cartilage rebuilding supplements and hope that between the two our joints will become more youthful. There are no side effects.

Alexandra W



I recommended this product everywhere I can. I started taking Salmon Collagen 9 months ago. I and my doctor are shocked how great it works for my osteoporosis. Great product, easy to use and effective. Highly recommended.

Julie E



I highly recommend Salmon Collagen to everyone I know with joint pain from arthritis. Within a week of use, I was amazed that the swelling in my knee was gone and I had no joint pain. I have been taking it for the last 4 weeks and still no swelling and pain. I take 1 scoop on an empty stomach first thing in the morning mixed with water.

Theresa M



Wonderful results! This one little spoon, taken early in the morning on an empty stomach, has improved my knee and joint discomfort so that I am now active again. When I ran out of this supplement, within days the discomfort returned, and it was unbearable. After two or three days after I restarted this supplement, my knees were fine again. It really works!

Joseph M



Love this product! My knee feels better after I take one of these. Other types collagen does not give me the same feeling. So, as far as I am concerned, this works. This is an excellent product with quality ingredients.

Paul N



I use this first thing in the morning, 30 minutes before my breakfast. I had ligament pain from an injury from car accident. I had this pain for about 4 months before deciding to try collagen. Within three weeks, the pain was 80% gone! Amazing results! Fast delivery, user friendly website, and great products.

Rod D



Really helps my tendons, muscles, and ligaments. I've noticed a big difference in my flexibility. Has also helped with my skin as well. This product really works for me. Definitely recommend this Salmon Collagen addition to anyone.

Jacob L